South Africa / BCM

Jade Allison stepped out of her comfort zone when she was 20 years old to pursue what she knew God was calling her into, a life abandoned to the mission field. Although she did not know what it would look like or how it would all come together, she said “yes” to God and has trusted Him through the beauty and the ashes of it all. Two years later, she finds herself walking in obedience to His call, serving full time in Kya Sands South Africa through Battle Cry Ministries. She currently finds herself working with a group of children and a small network of teachers to help educate and elevate the children into the potential that God created them to pursue. It has become evident to Jade, that as strongly as God has drawn her to love and pour into children, He has placed a great love and desire in her heart to minister to the teachers and women in general. This first began to become clear while ministering on a 3 months stint in Uganda. God birthed a vision in her heart for women and children that continues to grow and take shape every day. While she is patiently waiting for what she knows is on the horizon, she continues to say “yes” to God on what He has in store for her in the present and trust that He is preparing her for the what is to come. When Jade is not helping to teach children reading and writing and arithmetic, she is teaching them bible stories and songs that lift high the great name of Jesus. She is also led to do ‘little’ things like make the children muffins, help to buy the teachers groceries and equip the teachers with materials to use their gifts and talents to help supplement their income. In addition, she spends much of her time simply loving people and encouraging people to find their identity in Christ and discover the fullness of the plan He has for their life. There is a common phrases that rolls off the tongues of those she sets out to love, “Jade, you’re just different.” Making a difference is a beautiful thing!



Supporting this ministry will allow Jade to help educate and disciple children, strengthen and encourage women, encourage people in general to see how beautiful they are in the sight of God and move people from the crippling effects of religion into a vibrant and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. Your support will also turn into muffins and groceries and material that will meet immediate needs and help propel women into a future of financial independence. In addition, the vision that was birthed in Uganda is nearer than ever and you will soon have an opportunity to be a part of something remarkably amazing in the very near future!!